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About Us

COMPEX Company was established in 1987 and is fully based on Polish capital.

During 17 years of its operations, it has designed, launched production and marketed cleaning and disinfecting products for food industry, and in particular for the milk production and processing sector.
Consistent broadening of knowledge, experience, as well as continual development of our company has allowed for the expansion of our offer by products designed for other food industry sectors: the brewery, winemaking, meat and poultry sector, fruit and vegetable, fat processing industry, as well as for juice, soft drink and mineral water producing plants, ice-cream manufacturers, confectioners and bakers. In addition, we offer complete systems for cleaning and disinfection of dairy industry equipment and products for milk producers earmarked for cow hygiene maintenance.

Our product portfolio also includes cleaning agents for car washes.
The latest products on our offer include touch-free detergents and disinfecting agents for cleaning of swimming pools, paddling pools, and showers.
The array of our products includes acid, alkaline and neutral agents divided into four groups:

  • disinfection agents
  • cleaning agents
  • compound cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • additives to acid and alkaline cleaning agents.

Long-standing experience, cooperation with scientific research institutions, and consistency with domestic and European standards has allowed us ensure high degree of product efficacy.

We place special emphasis on the unaltered quality of all our products. As a result, we have achieved quality comparable to this offered by the leading players on the market. The high level of quality is ensured by the introduction of a comprehensive quality management system backed by an audit conducted by TŪV Management Service GMbh Co. in Munich and our being awarded the ISO certificate.

In order to ensure a broader customer service, we have introduced:

  • the development of Cleaning Register for the users of production facilities manufactured by COMPEX
  • On request, we stage employee training on the above-mentioned topic

Detailed data sheets specifying the characteristics of agents feature the following elements.

  • Rinsing Control Chart
  • Working Solution Concentration Chart
  • Agent Conductivity Graph

We provide the users of agents manufactured by COMPEX with product safety data sheets.

Our post-sale service includes the monitoring of customer current needs regarding the quality and scope of products manufactured by COMPEX.

All our customers are offered free technical advisory services regarding the use of our products, and we transport ordered products to customers’ facilities.

We are looking forward to cooperation with new partners!