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Product description

I. Types of products: 

1)  Washing and cleaning

  • alkaline
  • acid
  • neutral

2)  Washing and disinfecting

  • alkaline chlorine and non-chlorine
  • acid
  • neutral

3)  Disinfecting

  • chlorine
  • non-chlorine based on amines and ammonium compounds
  • acid with active oxygen, based on peracetic acid 

II.  Scope of Use:  

  • cleaning and disinfecting industrial plant machinery and equipment (foam, circulation, immersion and spray methods)
  • cleaning and disinfecting milking machinery and accessories
  • cleaning and disinfecting truck tanks
  • cleaning and disinfecting glass containers
  • hand disinfecting
  • air disinfecting
  • killing salmonellae on eggs
  • unblocking sewage and drainage pipes
  • wall and floor cleaning and disinfecting
  • cow health diagnosing
  • udder care and treatment
  • sanitary equipment cleaning 

III.  Designation:  

  • fat and protein removal
  • scale and deposits removal
  • micro-biological impurities removal
  • discoloration elimination at fruit/vegetable processing plants
  • removal of burns in smoke-chambers
  • removal of mould and fungi