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1. Alkaline cleaning

- alkaline liquid cleaning concentrate, can be used regardless of water hardness used for the removal of protein and fat impurities in CIP systems.
working solution concentration: 0.5-1.5% to remove standard fat and protein impurities 
DOS - 1 - liquid additive for caustic soda improves cleaning properties of lye, prevents formation of scale deposits,
working solution concentration: 0.1%
2. Low alkaline disinfection
a/ATOS  D low-foaming - low alkaline, non-chlorine liquid disinfecting concentrate, based on tertiary amine working solution concentration:
0.25%, temp. 10- 40C
3. Alkaline cleaning and disinfecting 
a/ ATOS non-foaming S alkaline, chlorine liquid cleaning and disinfecting concentrate used for cleaning tanks, pipes and tubes
working solution concentration: 0.5-1.5%
b/ DEZO 1 non-foaming alkaline, chlorine liquid cleaning and disinfecting concentrate used for cleaning churns, cheese moulds and closed CIP systems from fat and protein, working solution concentration: 0.5 � 1.5%
4. Acid oxygen disinfection
IXONOS 15 acid disinfectant based on peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide solution working solution concentration: 0.07 � 0.25%
5. Acid cleaning
a/ LAKTOS liquid acid concentrate used for removing standard milk deposits, working solution concentration: 2-2.5%
b/ LAKTOS SW liquid acid concentrate safer for humans than Laktos,
working solution concentration: 1.5-2%
c/ LAKTOS 10 liquid acid concentrate removes thick layers of deposit stuck to system surface, working solution concentration: 0.5-2%
 d/ LAKTOS  BF liquid acid concentrate without phosphates, working solution concentration: 1-2%
  e/ BICID liquid acid concentrate single-phase acid cleaning of fats and deposits, working solution concentration: 1- 3%
6. Acid cleaning and disinfecting
DISEPTOL low-foaming liquid acid concentrate, cleaning and disinfecting single-phase acid cleaning of fats, deposits and disinfection, working solution concentration: 0.5-2%
�two in one� system

 + IXONOS 15

liquid acid concentrate, removing scale deposits
acid disinfectant with oxygen as active factor
removes scale and deposit, disinfects
working solution concentration:
a/ LAKTOS 10  0.5 -2%
depending on the degree of impurity
+  IXONOS 15  -  0.1%
1.  Alkaline cleaning and disinfecting    
DEZO 1 foaming alkaline, chlorine liquid cleaning and disinfecting concentrate foam removal of fat and protein from walls and floors with simultaneous active chlorine disinfection, working solution concentration: 2-5%
2.  Acid cleaning and disinfecting    
DISEPTOL non-chlorine liquid cleaning and disinfecting concentrate foam cleaning of floors, walls and devices from rust deposit and scale  (disinfecting factor � cation compounds)
working solution concentration: 2 - 5%
III.  Spray cleaning    
COMP N low-foaming liquid concentrate, neutral cleaning of containers and cases in tunnel spray washers, working solution concentration: 1-1.5%
DEZO 1 non-foaming liquid cleaning and disinfecting concentrate, chlorine cleaning and disinfecting containers and cases, working solution concentration 0.5-1%
KLARISOL  alkaline cleaning and disinfecting powder, working solution concentration: 1-2%
1. Cleaning and disinfecting agents    
a/ ATOS foaming liquid concentrate based on active chlorine working solution concentration: 2-2.5%
b/ ATOS foaming S liquid concentrate  based on active chlorine used for hard water, working solution concentration: 0.5-1.5%
c/ ATOS  D neutral liquid concentrate based on ammonium compounds working solution concentration: 0.5-2%. Odourless, gentle for skin with good degreasing properties
2. Cleaning agents    
a/ COMP BIS N liquid concentrate, neutral, foaming with good degreasing properties, gentle for skin, working solution concentration: 0.2%
b/ RENOTON acid gel for cleaning and polishing equipment and fittings, ready for use
3.  Hand disinfectants    
COMP  SEPTO disinfecting agent � ammonium compounds ready for use agent, no need to wipe hands � dries up within 20 sec.
REKORD hand washing and disinfecting agent ready for use agent