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1. Technical advisory services

Apart from the wide range of cleaning and disinfecting agents, COMPEX provides its customers with free training and consultation in the field of:

  • optimal selection of cleaning and disinfecting agents, tailored to your specific needs;
  • usage of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals;
  • technological tests conducted or supervised on site;
  • practical demonstrations for milk producers;
  • training of cleaning brigades in the area of safe and effective cleaning and disinfection;
  • preparation  and production of job instructions;
  • preparation and production of storage instructions for your chemicals;
  • preparation of hygiene programs for food processing plants as part of the HACCP system (cleaning register).

2.  Offered equipment

  • Foam cleaning system – foam generators of 20l, 40l, 90l capacity 
  • Injecting dispensers

3.  Contact

Zakład Pracy Chronionej

Production Plant, Sales:
Poznańska 54/56
62-081 Baranowo near Poznań